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When you order on the Valence webshop, you can be sure that you bought a high quality product. Every product has a legal warranty of 2 years under European law. This means that the product has to do what you may expect from it under normal use. Apart from the legal guarantee there is the factory warranty.

2 years warranty
The warranty is calculated from the purchase date
The product is purchased on the Valence webshop

Excluded from warranty are
Damage as a result of use in a way the product is not intended for.
Damage that comes from natural wear and tear.
Products that are altered of repaired by parties other then Valence.
Defects that are known on the moment of purchase/delivery, such as products that have been purchased in the sale. When anything is wrong with such a product, please contact us directly.

When a product is not covered by warranty then we can invoice you for the costs that were made. These costs may include montage, research and transport costs.