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Circulair Design

Six principles on circularity by Valence

Install with care

The elements are designed to be fixed to the wall with ease. The ratio between size and weight makes sure you need little glue. When you follow the instructions for installation and de-installation, you can take the elements off the wall in good condition and use them again.


When you have no use for the elements in a new wall decoration. You can contact Valence to arrange the return of these elements. People with a distance to the labor market have a great time bringing the elements back in shape.

Use again

Elements that have been cleared are used in commercial projects with a circular goal. Some elements can be used over and over again. Others are more likely to deter.


When an element is not fit to be used again, we recycle the material. Preferably by the manufacturer of the material to minimize waste. The Valence elements are all made of only one material. This makes recycling more efficient.


Valence elements, by design, are flat and lightweight. Transportation of the elements has exceptionally little impact. Most materials are created locally, and so are the elements.


For each element we calculate the best possible options. The decorative mirrors are made from recycled acrylate, which is much lighter than glass and therefore easier to transport and to install. Naturally we use recycled materials when possible. The acoustic felt for example is made from recycled PET-bottles, and we use wood that is made from thermopressed milk cartons.
Valence flat design


A personal note on circularity

Avoiding waste has been part of our personal philosophy since long before we even met. Being born in the eighty’s, sustainability was naturally part of our upbringing. But it is in our profession that we can actually make a difference.

Sebastiaan: ‘Our friendship started during the 2011 design exhibition Salone di Mobile in Milan. Sjoerd presented new work by his design studio, using waste materials to create stunning products for the home. I presented a design collection built for generations, that can eventually be repaired and used again. As is the legacy of my family’s 7 decades old factory in the Netherlands.’

Logically, sustainable manufacturing was a mutual passion. When our friendship resulted in the creation of Valence, circular design was not even a topic we discussed. We just did it.

Circularity is a journey that has only just begun. Designers and manufacturers think of smarter ways to use materials and the increased demand helps to make innovations affordable enough to be used in real products. It is exciting to be part of this journey.

Sjoerd & Sebastiaan
Founders of Valence