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Modular wall system

The geometrical lines of the Valence wall system bring a sense of calm to the interior. Functionality, colour and material are skilfully combined to functional wall decoration. Installation is easy with tape or glue. Elements are easily re-used or recycled, the design is inspired by the circular economy. Most elements are made in Holland. Founders Sjoerd and Sebastiaan add new elements to the collection on a regular base. How can we help you?


Design your own wall decoration. Personal style and functional needs are the center to any Valence wall decoration.

Pick from 10 SIMUL sets curated by designer Sjoerd Jonkers or start from scratch with 60+ single elements at your disposal. Functionalities include mirror, coat hook, whiteboard, chalkboard, clock, planter, candleholder, acoustic felt, pinboard and much more.

Or design your own from scratch with 60+ elements at your disposal.